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PuraMatrix® is the first commercial synthetic extracellular matrix (ECM) scaffold, enabling cells to be cultured in carefully controlled microenvironments for life science research, pharmaceutical drug discovery and bioproduction. PuraMatrix® enhances valuable and expensive cell assays that predict proper drug interactions and metabolism. In particular, PuraMatrix® has improved cell assays in which one or more types of cells form complex structures (such as spheroids, networks, synapses, vascularization). The result is improved models for in vivo and in vitro research and testing, increasing predictability and reducing the cost of drug discovery research. Click here to review PuraMatrix® Guidelines for Use.



Q. Can PuraMatrix® be used for in vivo studies in animals?

A. Yes. The soluble material can be injected and will subsequently form a 3-D hydrogel upon contact with the physiological environment. PuraMatrix® can be readily handled using small/large bore needles and catheters. PuraMatrix® forms a synthetic temporary scaffold to localize injected cells for tumor and cancer studies. Similar to Matrigel© plug assays, cells can be seeded into PuraMatrix® prior to injection, then injected into a compartment to form a bolus of cells. Care needs to be taken to minimize the time cells spend in low pH PuraMatrix® prior to injection.

Q. Can PuraMatrix® be used with fine gauge needles and catheters?

A. Yes. PuraMatrix® gels remain injectable both before and after assembly of the nanofibers and are compatible with surgical methods of injection across applications. To avoid the introduction of bubbles in vivo, extreme care should be exercised when filling and injecting samples with needles that are smaller than 20 gauge.

Q. How can PuraMatrix® be used in vivo?

A. PuraMatrix® has been used for animal studies to complement and improve medical device implant / tissue interface healing, wound healing, cancer/tumor implants, drug delivery and therapeutic stem cell delivery for regenerative medicine. PuraMatrix®solution will gel to form a nanofibrous matrix upon injection in vivo, through beta-sheet self-assembly. This resulting gel serves as a synthetic, transparent and permissive scaffold for wound healing, tissue regeneration, drug delivery and therapeutic cell delivery. The materials can be buffered prior to in vivo administration to counter its low pH.

Q. How can PuraMatrix® be buffered to mitigate its low pH?

A. PuraMatrix® can be buffered and/or assembled into the nanofibrous gel prior to injection to bring the pH into the physiological range. Phosphate Buffered Saline is the best solution to add. Note that although this combination will cause the nanofibers to assemble prior to injection, the gel will still be injectable through fine gauge needles. Once PuraMatrix® has undergone nanofiber assembly via contact with physiological conditions, special care must be taken to avoid extensively handling or agitating the formed extracellular matrix to avoid disruption of the nanofiber scaffold.


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