PuraMatrix® PuraStat®

PuraMatrix® is an ideal synthetic, transparent, biocompatible, and bioresorbable material situated at the intersection of chemical engineering and biology.

PuraMatrix® in vivo extracellular matrix has wide-ranging laboratory and clinical applications, including cell culture, drug delivery, accelerated cartilage and bone growth, and regeneration of CNS, soft tissue, and cardiac muscle.



PuraMatrix® is a fully synthetic, resorbable hydrogel composed of repeating amino acid sequences of Arginine-Alanine-Aspartic Acid-Alanine prepared in an aqueous solution. PuraMatrix® self-assembles into nanofibers on a scale similar to the extracellular matrix when exposed to physiological levels of salt, forming a flowable hydrogel—users can decide exactly when to gel PuraMatrix®. PuraMatrix® nanofibers create a highly organized, 3-dimensional, porous scaffold that is very difficult, if not impossible, to produce by any manufacturing techniques. Additionally, the nanofiber density and average pore size (5-200 nm) can be controlled and customized by the concentration of peptide solution used in production.


PuraMatrix® peptides are produced by well-characterized F-MOC solid-phase peptide synthesis methodology with proprietary processing modifications. The peptide is fill-finished via proprietary aseptic fill-finish and quality testing steps: formulation in liquid, sterile filtration, specification and adjustment of concentration, aseptic fill into vials or syringes, packaging, validation and documentation. Certification of fill-finish manufacturer includes ISO 90001:2000 and ISO 13485.


PuraMatrix® has been tested across multiple standard animal models and in multiple tissue compartments (bone, cartilage, muscle, CNS, intracutaneous injections) – without a single negative safety outcome. This quality is due to PuraMatrix®’s low concentration of fully synthetic, short-length peptides composed of only three standard amino acids forming a biocompatible, biomimetic and bioresorbable nanofiber network structure.


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