PuraMatrix® PuraStat®

PuraMatrix® is an ideal synthetic, transparent, biocompatible, and bioresorbable material situated at the intersection of chemical engineering and biology.

PuraMatrix® in vivo extracellular matrix has wide-ranging laboratory and clinical applications, including cell culture, drug delivery, accelerated cartilage and bone growth, and regeneration of CNS, soft tissue, and cardiac muscle.


Product Origins

PuraMatrix® technology was discovered and carefully engineered more than 15 years ago at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), forming the basis for a family of unique and proprietary biomaterials – self-assembling peptides (SAP) as nanofiber scaffolds (SANS).



Initial discoveries, engineering and patenting of the materials were made in 1993 by Dr. Shuguang Zhang while in the lab of Professor Alexander Rich, a thought leader and trailblazer in structural biology for more than five decades. Biomaterials and tissue engineering pioneer Dr. Robert Langer assisted in recognizing and validating the performance and advantages of the newly discovered self-assembling nanofiber biomaterials.


Intellectual Property

3-D Matrix holds an extensive portfolio of owned and licensed patents that assure exclusive rights and protection of PuraMatrix® and of its applications. The portfolio consists of domestic and foreign patents across an entire family of self-assembling peptide biomaterials and peptide sequences. These patents include composition of matter claims, method claims, product by process claims and kit claims. In addition to the company’s own intellectual property, many of the granted patents are owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and exclusively licensed worldwide to 3-D Matrix.


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