Clinical Applications

PuraMatrix® has demonstrated efficacy in multiple models for hemostasis (CE Mark approved, trade name PuraStat®), tissue regeneration, acute myocardial infarction, therapeutic protein and stem cell delivery, and CNS injury. PuraMatrix® can re-hydrate and provide mechanical support for disc height collapse in degenerated IVDs, anti-adhesion, polyp resection, and bone formation. PuraMatrix® has also been used to repair and restore visual function in the CNS after damage.


Bone and Cartilage Regeneration

PuraMatrix® is an injectable, flowable bone regeneration scaffold. There are numerous opportunities for which PuraMatrix® may be used in combination with many commercially-available orthopedic medical devices and/or products:

  • Orthobiologics: bone graft substitutes, allograft distribution/processing, autogenous bone and soft tissue replacement products and viscoelastics, bone growth stimulators
  • Spinal implants/instrumentation: internal fixation devices, discectomy and vertebroplasty/kyphoplasty products
  • Orthopedic and dental implants
  • Reconstructive surgery: hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle, and digit implants
  • Fracture fixation: internal fixation and external fixation products
  • Arthroscopy/soft tissue repair: scopes, cameras, instruments, soft tissue implants and repair kits

Click here for peer-reviewed publications of PuraMatrix® in Bone and Cartilage Regeneration clinical applications.


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