Clinical Applications

PuraMatrix® has demonstrated efficacy in multiple models for hemostasis (CE Mark approved, trade name PuraStat®), tissue regeneration, acute myocardial infarction, therapeutic protein and stem cell delivery, and CNS injury. PuraMatrix® can re-hydrate and provide mechanical support for disc height collapse in degenerated IVDs, anti-adhesion, polyp resection, and bone formation. PuraMatrix® has also been used to repair and restore visual function in the CNS after damage.



PuraMatrix® can function as a temporary scaffold supporting nerve regeneration and neuronal repopulation without impingement, thus serving as a valuable therapeutic tool in the nervous system. In an animal model, PuraMatrix® regenerated the central nervous system with a return of visual function.

Click here for peer-reviewed publications of PuraMatrix® in Neurosurgical clinical applications.


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