3-D Matrix, Inc., based in Waltham, Massachusetts, is a wholly owned subsidiary of 3-D Matrix, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan. The 3-D Matrix Group develops and manufactures a family of peptide biomaterials under the trade name PuraMatrix® for use in clinical applications and life science research.

3-D Matrix has driven development of its technology using a “lean company” model, leveraging the activities of its founding scientists at MIT, the company’s multiple collaborations with leading companies, outsourced manufacturing to contract facilities, and distribution agreements for its commercial products. This structure has proven extremely efficient at driving pre-clinical proof-of-concept studies while commercializing products with the life science and drug discovery research communities. The company intends to build its business development and scientific staff to mirror the near-term opportunities driven by partnerships as well as internal developments.


3-D Matrix Group

The 3-D Matrix Group is composed of 4 companies:

  • 3-D Matrix, Ltd.: Parent company located in Tokyo, Japan
  • 3-D Matrix, Inc.: Wholly owned subsidiary located in Waltham, MA
  • 3-D Matrix Europe SAS: Wholly owned subsidiary located in Lyon, France
  • 3-D Matrix Asia Pte. Ltd.: Wholly owned subsidiary located in Singapore
  • 3-D Matrix EMEA B.V.: Wholly owned subsidiary located in Nederland


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